EnergyFlow is a business process automation and management platform. It has been specifically designed to support day-to-day functions for electricity, environmental products, carbon and gas trading operations, reporting and settlements.

The platform can easily be extended to any wholesale energy business activity using the built-in tools. It is a configurable, extensible and feature-packed solution.

The Problem: Modern energy companies must operate in several markets at once, from the formal market operator controlled markets to the less structured, bilaterally traded marketplaces.
These markets require operational management for the preparation, validation, bidding and settlement of complex physical energy bids and nominations, as well as record-keeping, position and reporting for a variety of internal and external stakeholders. Often this work is completed manually or using spreadsheets and in-house legacy tools that do not allow all the information to be captured in one place – a single source of truth.
There is an opportunity for businesses to reliably automate their business processes and tie-in legacy systems and tools, reducing both workload and complexity for busy market and trading teams.

The Solution:
EnergyFlow is a platform that allows energy companies to meet the complex and time-consuming demands of Australia’s 24×7 energy markets.
Using the tools in the design console of EnergyFlow, users can choose to define and configure their own bespoke business, trading or reporting workflows. This enables automation and simplification of the most complex trade and operational processes for gas, electricity and carbon markets.

  • Ready-made templates for operational processes (nominations, bid preparation, settlements)
  • User design console with easy to configure design tools (the system can be configured by Energy One (or by your staff).
  • Automation (and semi-automation) of information gathering required for market decision-making from a variety of sources (in-house systems, market systems, counterparty systems, weather, brokers etc)
  • Built-in algorithmic tools to allow user configuration of analytical and settlement calculations for use by automated processes
  • Configurable data submission utility for B2B interactions.
  • Excel plug-in to enable seamless integration of in-house Microsoft ExcelTM spreadsheet models
  • Full audit trail of records, data, acknowledgements etc. Enables faster and more reliable settlements processes and management oversight tools and assists in compliance.
  • Prepare, Trade and Settle bespoke energy contracts.
Applications Benefits
Design and automate your deal and operational flows for:

  • Gas Nominations
  • Gas Bidding
  • Gas Settlements
  • Energy Position Keeping
  • Electricity Bid Preparation
  • Environmental and Carbon Certificate Management
  • Fully configurable for even the most complex transactional process
  • Lessens workload and effort
  • Mitigates risk
  • Improve settlement processes
  • Decreases training costs
  • Reduces compliance costs
  • Increases efficiency
  • Provides greater process transparency and traceability

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If you have an energy business process, EnergyFlow lets you easily automate it, reducing your team’s workload and providing confidence, transparency and reliability

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Relevant Product Modules




Product Features
Type Markets/Needs served
Process Designer

Processes can be configured by customer business analysts or super users in a convenient manner. This eliminates dependency on technical staff and vendors.

Process Executor

Execute processes efficiently, consistently and reliably.
Data is transferred between tasks and across interfaces (external/internal – inbound/outbound) – eliminating duplication – reducing process risk and increasing effiency.

Extension and Integration Tools

Large range of interfacing and extension options provides increased systems integration and reduced implementation risk.

Energy Interfaces

Efficiently link to Asia Pacific energy market sources and B2B interfaces

Energy Data Models

Data models optimised for energy industry context – such as quality based energy flow data

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