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Wholesale gas participants operate in an environment of complex market rules, contracts and scheduling. As a result daily operations can involve many manual tasks such as:

  • Gathering operational data from a multitude of sources across a complex network to calculate demand and gas flows
  • Preparing nominations for withdrawal, supply and transport of gas to hubs and end users through pipelines. Successful transportation can be dependent on using multiple pipeline operators and service providers
  • Optimising a portfolio involving a complex array of supply and transport contracts
  • Market hub and B2B interactions with time and other constraints
  • Calculating the cost and implications of oil linked supply contracts and weather derivatives
  • Record-keeping, compliance, and settlements
  • Position reporting, risk reporting and financial reporting

With EnergyFlow, the repetitive aspects of these vital processes can be fully automated. What might take a person several hours per day, can be completed automatically in minutes using EnergyFlow.

EnergyFlow is proven and ready-to-go for Australian and NZ gas markets, hubs and pipelines.

Built by Energy One Limited, Australia’s leading supplier of wholesale energy software, customers can be sure of a solution built by industry professionals who know the market and the challenges faced by gas and LNG traders and schedulers.

Tired of doing the manual and mundane parts of gas trading operations? Want to focus on the value-add of gas trading? Contact Energy One today for a demonstration.

Wallumbilla Gas Supply Hub Map

Wallumbilla Gas Supply Hub

Click here to Download a high resolution PDF of Wallumbilla Gas Supply Hub.

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