EnergyOne Trading: Our class-leading, ETRM platform. EOT is ready-to-go…

Profitable Energy Trading relies on a clear, concise physical market interface supported by high levels of front, middle and back office functionality.
Energy One Trading is a fully integrated risk management solution, built for the energy market by recognized experts.
Energy One Trading is a modular system for wholesale energy traders, retailers and generators.
Not so much a product as a solution platform!

The system provides:
• High levels of front, middle and back office functionality
• A clear and concise physical market data interface
• Analytical tools for pool bidding and hedging purposes
• Deal capture for a wide variety of financial, derivative and commodity instruments (incl. environmental/emissions)

Energy One Trading is flexible enough to allow clients to incorporate preferred methodologies and configurations.
A business solution that aids Energy Traders in every facet of their operations!

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