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The energy market is data intensive – huge volumes of market data, meter data and trading data combine to present challenges for energy businesses and make the energy market one of largest environments for data handling, management and analytics of any technology industry operating today.
Participants in the energy market need fast, reliable and real-time data applications for the purposes of operating their businesses.
Energy One has been developing solutions for over 10 years and supports large government and private generators, retailers and traders with interfaces to d-cypha, AEMO, IMO and third party data providers. To make use of this data, Energy One data offers a comprehensive array of market, position and advanced reporting and analytics, including:

  • Market analytics
  • Portfolio analytics
  • Trading reporting
  • Meter data warehouse
  • Settlements, Risk, Management and Financial reporting, and
  • Business Intelligence, through our EnergyOne Matrix product solution

The EnergyOne Matrix (EOM) provides high level market and portfolio information through dashboards, analysis and reporting from a pre-defined (user defined) set of reports and the ability to undertake detailed analytics and investigation against energy datamarts.

The product also includes pre-defined datamarts and extract/transform/load jobs for markets and the ability to create new datamarts from electricity, gas and carbon markets and from the Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) system.
EOM provides Australian energy companies with a significant head start in terms of collating, organising, managing and then analysing and reporting on data from electricity, gas and carbon markets and provides companies with ongoing access to improved analytics and reports.
EnergyOne Matrix supports technologies such as:

  • SAP Business Objects (and Crystal Reports)
  • Tableau

Both these technologies are significant leaders in their field.

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