The key product modules in Energy One’s Wholesale Energy Trading Suite are offered separately and can be installed and operated as individual modules.
Uniquely, for clients using more than a single module, the modules can be fully integrated to operate seamlessly. To further enhance the user experience, we offer EnergyDashboard, an RIA (rich interface application) that enables users to, via easily configurable “drag and drop” functions:

  • Choose the alerts they wish to receive
  • Choose the data sources
  • Show to-do tasks for daily energy operations
  • Use the dashboard as a short-cut launcher for the modules
  • Save “favourite” tasks to shortcuts
  • Configure the above to suit the individual user’s needs


The EnergyDashboard enables managers of wholesale energy portfolios to see and manage “at a glance” ALL the key features, status and requirements of all their wholesale energy operations, such as:

  • Market data, prices and chosen analytics
  • Portfolio status (bid compliance in multiple markets)
  • Contracted position
  • Energy operations (workflow) status and alerts

Furthermore, users can easily switch between the various aspects of the operational functions, seamlessly moving between market operations and bidding and contracts.

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