Automated FCAS Balancing
The EnergyOffer bidding application supports all aspects of FCAS bidding, including portfolio-level roll-forward as well as day-ahead bidding and rebidding.  Numerous grid shortcuts make the process efficient, whilst market and business rule validations aim to eliminate errors in submissions.  Visual representations of the current bid can be overlaid onto the registered trapezium to aid error diagnosis.
The latest feature added to the FCAS submissions is FCAS Balancing.  This feature runs at portfolio level, and conforms FCAS submissions to the current acknowledged Energy submission.  Submissions are created for review by the trader prior to submission to AEMO.

Component Summary Features Benefits

NEM Bidding

  • Energy bidding
  • FCAS Bidding
  • STPASA submissions
  • Outage calendar & MTPASA submissions
  • Strategy roll-forward submissions
  • Automated FCAS Balancing
  • Late rebidding functionality
  • Calendar-style STPASA submissions dashboard
  • MTPASA submissions dashboard
  • Unit Conformance dashboard with audible alerting
  • Intuitive MS Excel-like grids & data manipulation shortcuts
  • Market validations & business rule checks
  • Full FTP market interface & acknowledgement management
  • Automated DUID configuration management via Infoserver
  • Role-based access management
  • Alerting & messaging
  • Spot bidding functions that are fast, reliable and auditable
  • Portfolio roll-forward minimises effort required to remain compliant
  • MTPASA submissions can be compiled in consideration of logged outages
  • Ability to set new prices and/or availabilities, and roll-forward with minimal time & effort
  • Process balances FCAS portfolio to acknowledged Energy availability levels
  • Application requires contemporaneous record to be stored when user is submitting a late rebid. Full reporting on late rebids and associated contemporaneous records
  • Visual displays/dashboards that provide users with an at-a-glance overview of current bidding and conformance statuses
  • All DUID configurations are checked & updated nightly – includes loss factors & price limits

Semi-scheduled Bidding
Wind -Solar

  • Intermittent Availability & Intermittent MTPASA submissions
  • Availability & MTPASA submission dashboards

At-a-glance view of current submission compliance

WEM Bidding

  • Bilateral submissions
  • STEM market submissions
  • Balancing market submissions
  • Resource Plan submissions
  • Market dashboard
  • MS Excel-like grids and data manipulation shortcuts
  • Market validations & business rule checks
  • Full web service market interface
  • Auditable history of submissions
  • Displays submission gate status and associated current submission compliance

STTM Bidding

  • TRN Management
  • Ex Ante submissions
  • Price Taker submissions
  • MSV submissions
  • Contingency submissions
  • MOS submissions

Integrated, multi-commodity energy bidding

VicGas Bidding

  • Controllable injection/withdrawal submissions
  • Demand forecast submissions

Integrated, multi-commodity energy bidding


EnergyOffer (EO) is our spot trading module. It is Australia’s No.1 electricity bidding platform for several years. EnergyOffer (EO) can submit offers for portfolios of up to 50 units in an efficient manner with respect to network constraints. EO is a visually rich and comprehensive system with the following key features:

Automated FCAS Balancing
Spot trading for multiple markets
Coincident multiple unit
bidding(50 units)
Market compliance
High performance &
Market-specific task
Full enterprise grade
Extensive auditability

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