EnergyOffer for the National Electricity Market (NEM)


EnergyOffer is a multi-commodity, multi-market platform capable of submitting, compliant bids for energy in markets across Asia-Pacific.

EnergyOffer is out-of-the-box ready, proven and compliant for use in the National Electricity Market.

EnergyOffer forms part of the market-leading electricity bidding family of product for customers in the NEM. The EnergyOffer (WOS) platform is the no.1 spot trading system available in the NEM today, being used to bid more than 11,000MW of capacity into the NEM market, daily.

About the National Electricity Market (NEM)

Electricity wholesale markets across the globe are complex and sophisticated. In Australia and New Zealand alone, 3 different regulated markets operate to efficiently manage the supply of electricity from generators to retailers, to customers.


The National Electricity Market (NEM)

The National Electricity Market of Australia was established in 1998 and is operated by the Australian Energy Market Operator (

The NEM interconnects five regional market jurisdictions (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania). It supports electricity supply to 19 million residents across a network, that, at over 5,000 km from far north Queensland to Tasmania, and west to Adelaide and Port Augusta, is the longest alternating current system in the world.

Participants in the NEM include generators and retailers who engage in physical energy trading and contract and derivative trading for the primary purposes of hedging demand or load across their portfolios.

With pool market prices fluctuating between -$200/MWh and +$12,000/MWh, traded across 48 half-hour intervals per day, for multiple year contracts, the challenge of managing the wholesale operations of bidding, contracting, valuation and settlement involves vast amounts of data and considerable complexity.


EnergyOffer (EO) is a visually rich and comprehensive system with the following key features:

Spot trading for multiple markets
Coincident multiple unit
Market compliance
High performance &
Market-specific task
Full enterprise grade
Extensive auditability

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Component Summary Features Benefits
NEM Bidding
  • Energy Bidding
  • FCAS offers
  • MTPASA offers
  • STPASA offers
  • Calendar-based submission status display
  • Real time dispatch analysis & conformance management
  • Intuitive Excel-like functionality and data manipulation shortcuts
  • Full FTP market interface & acknowledgement management
  • Alerting & Messaging
  • Easy addition and configuration of new units

Easy to use, intuitive interface

Fast to use, modify, bid or re-bid

Comprehensive for all services in the NEM

Security and Compliance
  • Market validations & business rule checks
  • Customisable
  • Role-based access management (e.g site and office)
  • Mobile device access
  • Fully data-versioned auditability
  • Short-cuts and intuitive tools for fast bidding and re-bidding
  • Data presentation tools
  • Market analysis tools

Full compliance with AEMO market requirements

Market changes included automatically

Audit trail provides confidence

User role-based security provides operational risk management


  • Integrates with other modules in the EnergyOne range (e.g contracts management, bid preparation)
  • Multiple markets and multiple commodities (e.g gas, services) can be bid and managed from the same platform.

Can be used by generators operating in multiple markets and for multiple energy commodities

EnergyOne’s products for the NEM

The EnergyOffer (WOS) platform is the no.1 spot trading system available in the NEM today, being used to bid more than 11,000MW of capacity into the NEM market, daily.

EnergyOne Trading is the most proven and effective Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) available in the market today, used to capture, value and settle contracts for over 61 TWh of energy, carbon obligations and power purchase agreements and more than 4 million environmental certificates from a wide range of schemes.

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