GAS Market (STTM / VicGas / REMCo)


EnergyOffer is a multi-commodity, multi-market platform capable of submitting compliant bids for energy in markets across Asia-Pacific.



Wholesale gas trading in Australia revolves around formal markets, centred on hubs and operated by market operators, and informal B2B markets for supply and transportation of gas from sources of supply to the gas hubs.

Most gas markets are based on bilateral arrangements between producers, major users and retailers linked together through pipeline hubs connecting gas fields to gas consumers.
Participants in these markets must:

  • Identify gas supply or demand requirements
  • Procure supply of gas and transportation, through both formal and informal (B2B) market methods
  • Optimise contract and network topography for commercial benefit
  • Capture and settle complex trades.


It is a visually rich and comprehensive system with the following key features:

Spot trading for multiple markets
Coincident multiple unit
Market compliance
High performance &
Market-specific task
Full enterprise grade
Extensive auditability

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Component Summary Features Benefits
Gas Market Bidding

Bidding and bid management for:

    • STTM
    • VicGas
    • REMCo compliant bids
  • Market Gate Dashboard
  • Market validations & business rule checks
  • Full web service market interface & acknowledgement management
  • Role-based access management
  • Alerting & Messaging

Easy to use, intuitive interface

Fast to use, modify, bid or re-bid

Integrated bidding solution able to address all markets in the WEM

Market gate dashboard providing at-a-glance information on market gate status & current submission compliance

Security and Compliance
  • Market validations & business rule checks
  • Customisable
  • Role-based access management (e.g site and office)
  • Mobile device access
  • Fully data-versioned auditability

Full compliance with AEMO market requirements

Market changes included automatically

Audit trail provides confidence

User role-based security provides operational risk management


  • Integrates with other modules in the Energy One range (e.g contracts management, bid preparation)

Can be used by generators operating in multiple markets and for multiple energy commodities

Product Solutions offered for Gas markets

Energy One Trading offers out-of-the-box functionality for the capture and settlement of gas trades in all markets, as well as bilateral contracts of complexity.
EnergyFlow is our unique automation platform that facilitates reliable, auditable automation of gas market trading operations. Using the array of tools, users are able to design and automate business workflows for, amongst other things:

  • Automate gas Bid preparation from diverse data sources (weather, 3rd party applications, Excel spreadsheets)
  • Calculate nominations using the built-in algorithm expression language
  • Submit nominations via a wide variety of B2B methods (web, FTP, fax), all from one system
  • Calculate complex settlements, issue invoices, integrate with billing systems
  • Track documents, emails, faxes, acknowledgements and invoices conveniently and easily
  • Maintain a full audit trail of data and transaction changes for future settlement, reconciliation and audit purposes.

EnergyFlow represents a major development in the:

  • Reduction of workload for wholesale market operations teams
  • Reliable, auditable automation of what is a complex, time consuming set of processes
  • Reduction of risk for the business
  • Improve reporting and achieve seamless integration with other in-house (e.g ERP), or market (e.g AEMO) or external information systems

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