EnergyOne Trading (EOT)


EnergyOne Trading (EOT) is our class-leading, ETRM platform. EOT is ready-to-go for the needs of half-hourly and hourly energy markets clients and can be installed out-of-the-box with minimal configuration.

This system is comprehensive for both black and green trades and integrated across the whole deal lifecycle.

EOT does not require extensive configuration via lengthy projects and can meet the majority of the needs of major energy clients out of the box, providing rapid transformation of business systems and vastly reduced project risk.


Relevant Product Modules




The following table illustrates the modules and broad features:

Type Services offered Markets/Needs served
Contracts Management
  • Deal capture and settlements
    • All markets
      • Electricity
      • Gas
      • Environmental
      • Carbon
      • SRAs
      • Oil
      • Coal
    • Futures
    • OTC including following derivatives
      • Swaps
      • Caps
      • Floors
      • Asian Options
      • Swaptions/ Captions
      • Load following
      • Environmental options
      • Non-firm
      • Curtailable
      • Callable
      • Reallocations
      • Triggered (weather, demand, scenario based)
    • PPAs
      • Full range of commodity trades
  • Comprehensive deal Management/workflow
  • Full user/limit configuration
  • User configurable for wide variety of functionality including new products, instruments, markets and calendars.
  • Alarming and Notification tools
  • Reporting & Scenario Analysis
  • Built-in market Interfaces for all relevant market data sources.

Out-of-the-box functionality for multiple markets (including NEM, WEM, STTM, NZ, WESM, NEMS)

Best-of-breed modules capture widest range of electricity, gas, fuel and environmental certificates contracts of any system in the market.

Deal entry templates designed for rapid deal entry and consistency with Australian market. Templates are user configurable.

Key data auditability and inherent data versioning for compliance purposes.

Transparency via reporting tools

  • Forward Price Loading and management functionality
  • Half Hour Forward Curve Production
  • Multiple Forward Curve Management
  • Mark to Market
  • Counterparty Credit Management
  • Sensitivity/Stress & Scenario testing
  • (Intraday) measures incl. VaR
  • Customised risk reporting and interfaces to 3rd party risk systems

Fully integrated Risk management analytics.

Deal workflow allows for limit checking in real time against corporate risk policies.

  • Comprehensive settlements functionality (OTC/Pool/Futures)
  • Invoicing, confirmations & full document management functions
  • C&I billing module.
  • Retail module
  • Reconciliation tools (OTC/ Pool/ Futures) & Reporting

Integrated workflow from Front to Back Office provides ease of use and limit checking.

NEM Analytics
  • NEM information displays (graphical)
  • Extended InfoServer connectivity
  • NEM market analytical tools & Advanced Constraint Analysis

Complementary to in-house specialist analytical tools.

Currently used by traders to gain insight not offered by conventional methods or other vendor products.

  • Rapid, proven implementation
  • Out-of-the-box functionality, no need for extensive “configuration”.
  • Project certainty and risk reduction

Why spend years and millions of dollars on foreign systems, when you can install a proven, local system in a fraction of the time?

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