Back Office business processes are one of the most complex and continually changing elements of the energy deal lifecycle.

The EnergyOne Trading module manages the entire deal life cycle from trade entry to inventory, settlement and reporting. The Settlements (Back Office) module is the most comprehensive, effective and proven system available to the local energy market today.

The EnergyFlow module offers full user-configurable management and settlement of any trade, no matter how complex. User configurable tools allow for rapid calculation of settlement algorithms.

Full management, security and functional features are combined to produce an integrated functional settlements sub-module that works seamlessly with the front and middle office functions of EnergyOne Trading.

Complex Trades –settled “out of the box”

Inside each trade, trade components are associated with user –configurable settlement calendars and counterparty. This means that even complex trades with different payments due at different times to and from different counterparties can be constructed and quickly settled within the system.

EnergyOne Trading and EnergyFlow modules allow for the automated calculation and invoicing of counterparties. The system has integrated back office workflows to manage invoice adjustments and integrates seamlessly with the market interfaces (e.g Exigo, PC Span, D-cypha, AEMO, IMO). All data is validated to ensure elimination of errors in complex settlement transactions.

A built-in meter data warehouse allows the reconciliation of AEMO pool bills, preparation of customer bills (via the complex billing features for C&I billing). The integration with PC-Span is a unique feature that allows nd the ASX means that users can use EnergyOne Trading to reconcile automatically manage their futures open position (through futures closeout) and then reconcile their daily clearing house statements.

Deal Management

Easy, intuitive workflow processes and utilities enable control of deal lifecycle via a system of deal status workflow gates.

Counterparty Management

Full counterparty management including “special rules” features to make invoice reconciliation easier, quicker and more reliable.

Settlement data management

Full market systems interconnectivity, meter data warehouse and fully versioned and validated data processes enable peace of mind and avoidance of errors during the settlement process.


Contract and Document management

  • Customer and Site Management
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Contract Management (full copy, edit, template features, within version control)
  • Document management (for all documents e.g. ISDA, Blotter, Deal slip, Special terms, invoices)

Accounting functionality

The system is designed to enable rapid and reliable transfer of essential financial data to financial and management systems. Features include:

  • Built-in, user-configurable GL functionality
  • Convenient interfacing with client ERP systems
  • Best-of-breed data architecture allows for easy and rapid interfacing with client enterprise data warehousing platforms

Settlements, Billing and Invoicing

The system automatically produces, tracks and manages invoices for all types of energy settlements, including

  • OTC settlements
  • Futures Closing Price Management
  • Physical Market Settlements
  • Inter-book settlement features
  • Foreign exchange for cross-border transaction settlement
  • Load/Generation Forecast Management
  • Billing system and CRM for C&I and other complex billing arrangements
  • Confirmation Production
  • Reallocations
  • Nominations
  • Alarming and Notification utilities


  • Full tools for reconciliation of pool and OTC invoices
  • Green “REC registry” automated interface and reconciliation tools – unique feature for Australian market customers
  • Futures reconciliation – unique feature to allow easy reconciliation of Futures clearing statements and position
  • Limits Management (Trade, Portfolio and Instrument limits)
  • Exigo interface
  • Reporting


Full and comprehensive reporting is supported, including graphical and data reports and extracts for:

  • Position Reporting (across a wide variety of parameters)
  • P&L reporting
  • Audit
  • Sales reporting
  • Ad hoc, user-defined reports
  • ETL Layer (standard or customised)
  • Interface with the EnergyOne Matrix (BI tools)

Trade types

Settled out of the box for physical and contract energy commodity for:

  • Electricity – for Physical, OTC, Derivatives, exotics for NEM, WEM, NZ and other markets
  • Gas (incl contract clauses such as take-or-pay, banking etc) for all local formal markets (STTM, Vic, WA) and for OTC contracts
  • Coal and Fuel purchase agreements
  • Transportation – gas transportation and logistics settlements, no matter how complex.
  • Environmental certificates – From any scheme in the world (and FX settlement). Includes full inventory. Carbon clauses (partial, full, referenced, indexed) are settled out of the box.
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) – Our clients use some of the most complex PPAs found in the marketplace.

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