Energy One Europe welcomes new Head of Customer Success

In August, Florence Elcock joined the team as Head of Customer Success and Energy One is pleased to see her take on this key responsibility within the commercial team.

Florence and her team will be aligning closely with our Technical Support, Product Owners and Commercial Account Managers to get a full picture of our customers’ needs. They will also act as guardians of customer satisfaction, onboard new and existing customers with our services, seek to pre-emptively spot and manage issues, and train customers on how to get more value out of our solutions.

Customer Success at Energy One Europe

Historically the ‘customer success’ role had been split between Business Analysts, Account Managers and Product Owners at Energy One. However, as the organisation grows, we decided it was the right time to create a dedicated customer success team.

Florence defines the term ‘customer success’:  “For me, customer success is about being responsible for getting the bigger picture of a customer’s needs and representing the voice of the customer with stakeholders in Product Development and Account Management. It’s a function that requires us to act as a liaison between the clients and internal teams.

“Our goal is to understand customer challenges, and provide solutions, insights and answers to our customers. The results of a well-run customer success team are increased customer satisfaction and long-lasting customer relationships.”

What does this mean in practice?:

Here’s how Florence describes her vision for the customer success team:

“My main priority is to make sure that the customer success team is equipped with everything it needs to ensure that:

  1. We can continue giving excellent support and provide excellent software
  2. We keep customer focus at the forefront
  3. We use insights into our clients’ needs to expand our products and offer more value

To elaborate, we are obviously growing at a rapid pace, and I want to ensure we keep building meaningful relationships. I want to make sure our customer success team does not simply go from implementation to implementation without building that connection. We must take time to learn about each customer’s business needs and use those insights to grow our products and expand functionality. In turn, this will make our customers happier and more successful, which will result in more growth for Energy One in Europe.”

Florence’s experience

Florence has an impressive track record that she brings with her to Energy One, along with a steadfast passion for customer success.

After Florence got her Masters degree in Geology she started working for Hexagon Mining, who offer specialised software solutions for the mining industry. Her role was to onboard, train, and consult with European customers on how to get the most out of the software for their mines.

As a product specialist for Hexagon Mining’s Minesight solution, Florence was involved from pre-sales advisory to onboarding new clients and customer support. This is the moment where Florence discovered her passion for building long-lasting customer relationships. She really enjoyed being able to work with clients throughout their customer journey.

Four and a half years later Florence joined Trayport, the primary network and data platform for European wholesale energy markets, starting in the support team as a technical client manager. In this role Florence acted as the primary contact for some of the biggest energy trading firms in Europe. Eventually Florence grew into a team lead role, leading a team of technical consultants and support analysts. As a manager she was really focusing on setting up and continuously improving proper support processes as well as ensuring that customer satisfaction levels were regularly reviewed. She stayed with Trayport for almost seven years before joining Energy One.

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