Wind and Solar Solutions

Energy One provides software and services for new and existing wind and solar market participants.

Energy One has been providing software to renewable energy for many years. We have all the solutions and services needed for wind and solar farms looking to sell their energy and be compliant.

From the initial phases and market entry, to algotrading, auction bidding and scheduling of renewable assets, Energy One can provide a complete solution.

Renewable generation is by nature intermittent but operates in a grid environment that requires continuous balance of supply and demand.  The penetration of renewable generation into the market has been highly significant as large traditional generators exit. This creates challenges for multiple aspects of the industry including grid operators, market operators and market participants. At the same time new technologies have become part of the environment including new types of electrical plant like batteries and new information technologies such as auto-bidding.   

Energy markets are becoming increasingly complex, volatile and more data intensive. Energy participants will require increasingly sophisticated software to operate effectively in international energy markets. Discover Energy One’s wind and solar solutions to effectively support these markets:

Advisory Services

Our experts advise new market entrants and help them navigate complex processes such as licensing, market participant registration, generation strategy and more.

Generation services

Our teams are ready to assist with necessary formalities such as AEMO & Clean Energy Regulator registration, REMIT-reporting (in Europe) and market operations services to set-up your communication lines and IT interfaces with TSOs and other market participants.

a flexible platform for battery management

24/7 Outsourced operations services

Accessing wholesale markets is made a lot easier through a service provider. Our operations teams work around the clock with a presence in Australia and Europe to balance your portfolio, act as your 24/7 contact for TSOs, and execute your algotrading or auction-bidding strategies on your behalf.

Having an established team of sophisticated, technically adept personnel and a global presence makes Energy One a reliable partner for entities looking to outsource operational activities.

Risk Transfer Solutions

Our experts and partners act as brokers with a wide range of bespoke risk transfer solutions that can help you hedge planned or unplanned outages or weather- and demand-driven events that can impact your bottom line.

Battery Management

Offering both software and services means we can serve battery storage. We have already developed new software to manage the market interfaces for assets such as grid-connected batteries (e.g. Balance Responsible Parties, semi-scheduled and auto bidding).

Innovative software to manage your operations

We offer a wide range of solutions for companies of any size that are active in the renewable energy sector. Combining our software with a premium service offering enables the entry of renewable energy into national electricity markets.

We offer solutions for nomination, bidding, and scheduling your generated power.

SimEnergy - energy trading and risk management

We offer full ETRM solutions to handle your trading activities.

energy generation services

Our business process automation tool can help bring complex processes together to simplify your operations.

Energy One: Enabling the Renewable Energy Revolution

At Energy One, we have been providing solutions to renewable energy for many years. What’s changed is the evolution and rapid expansion of energy markets.

Read about the challenges of renewable energy generation and how Energy One is helping to overcome them.

  • eZ-Ops

    eZ-Ops handles nominations, balancing and algotrading for European energy trading and operations.

  • enTrader®

    enTrader® is an award-winning ETRM solution designed for UK and European energy market participants.

  • EOT

    EOT is a front, middle and back office solution for energy commodities for Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

  • SimEnergy

    SimEnergy is Australasia’s most popular packaged ETRM solution, offering deal capture, settlements and risk capability.

  • Global 24/7 Outsourced Operations Services

    Energy One’s outsourced operations services 'follow the sun' to provide 24/7 coverage of energy portfolios across the globe.

  • Advisory Services

    Energy One offers a range of energy advisory services. 

  • Generation Services

    Energy One provides operational services to electricity generators.

  • enFlow

    enFlow is a tool for automating and managing business processes and for integrating systems.

  • Plant Outage Insurance

    Acting as brokers, Energy One can offer structured risk management solutions to manage plant outages.

  • Demand-Linked Risk Management Solutions

    Acting as brokers, Energy One can offer structured risk management solutions to manage demand.

  • Weather-Linked Risk Management Solutions

    Acting as brokers, Energy One can offer structured risk management solutions to manage weather.

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