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Battery Operations

Energy One provides innovative and flexible software to support battery assets.

Batteries are an essential part of the energy transition. These highly flexible assets can provide value in multiple ways including energy balancing, frequency control and network support.  Optimising the return on these assets requires innovative and flexible optimisation and automation software.

Optimising return on storage assets

Optimal dispatch of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and other storage assets (such as pumped hydro) relies on optimising economic return, subject to asset and market constraints on a 24 x 7 basis. 

Our NEM Storage Solution, which is built within our enFlow automation engine, has comprehensive support for all storage optimisation and dispatch needs for the Australian National Electricity Market (NEM) including:

  • Comprehensive modelling of all NEM dispatch constraints including Frequency Control (FCAS) co-optimisation 
  • Comprehensive modelling of all BESS constraints including cycling budgets 
  • Generic constraints and price inputs  
  • Automated bidding through our auto-bidder and EnergyOffer product 


BESS and other storage assets (such as pumped hydro) have unique operational and optimisation needs. Our storage solution runs within the context of our enFlow automation engine, providing complete flexibility in the inputs to your optimisation and schedule solution including: 

  • Market inputs 
  • Plant inputs obtained from SCADA or Battery Management System 
  • Other relevant inputs such as constraints from network service providers, integrated generation assets and time of day network charges 
  • Price inputs 

The combination of a configurable process engine and configurable dashboard allow you to design the automation solution as appropriate to your needs including the level of interaction with trading operations staff.  

The power of automation

Our configurable, flexible and comprehensive solution to BESS and storage asset optimisation and bidding ensures that your asset dispatch is compliant with the market, warranty constraints and gives maximal return on asset. 

  • enFlow

    enFlow is a tool for automating and managing business processes and for integrating systems.

  • EnergyOffer

    EnergyOffer is a bidding, offering, dispatch and logistics solution for all Australian energy markets.

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