ETRM – Commodities Trading, Settlements and Risk Software

Energy One offers a range of best-in-class ETRM solutions.

Our solutions are trusted by 100+ trading departments at energy companies across Europe, Australia, New-Zealand and Asia.

UK & Europe: enTrader

enTrader is a multi-commodity, multi-user, time-series based system that supports the full trade lifecycle from deal capture and risk management through to settlement processes. This ETRM software allows users to evaluate portfolios in real-time including market and credit risk, cash-flows and P&L all subject to limit monitoring. enTrader is designed for European and UK energy market participants.

Asia-Pacific: Energy One Trading (EOT)

EOT is a complete front, middle and back-office energy trading solution for electricity, environmental, carbon, gas, oil and other energy commodities for Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Designed from the outset to support markets with time intervals including 5 minute, 30 minute, hourly and daily prices, providing excellent performance – even for multi-year calculations – with very low footprint hardware requirements.

For enterprise-grade power and complex gas market trading, EOT offers full contract lifecycle management.

Asia-Pacific: SimEnergy

SimEnergy is Australasia’s most popular packaged Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) solution, offering deal capture, settlements and risk capability.

It caters for electricity and environmental certificates in the Australian and New Zealand electricity markets.

SimEnergy forecasts retail load/generation and values these physical positions together with exchange and OTC derivatives. Easy to install, operate and maintain, SimEnergy offers out-of-the-box capability. SimEnergy is a Windows-based ETRM software application specifically designed for traders, large customers, retailers and generators in Australasia.

Supporting solutions

Our ETRM software for the UK and Europe can be integrated with complementary software within the Energy One Group, creating a suite of solutions to manage your entire portfolio. These include:

enFlow - business process automation tool

  • SimEnergy

    SimEnergy is Australasia’s most popular packaged ETRM solution, offering deal capture, settlements and risk capability.

  • enTrader®

    enTrader® is an award-winning ETRM solution designed for UK and European energy market participants.

  • EOT

    EOT is a front, middle and back office solution for energy commodities for Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

  • enVoy

    enVoy is an accredited ECVN, EDT and EDL communication tool for the UK power market.

  • enPrice

    enPrice is a scalable commodity retail pricing solution for the UK and Irish markets.

  • eZ-Ops

    eZ-Ops handles nominations, balancing and algotrading for European energy trading and operations.

  • Managed Services

    With all products available in the cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS), Energy One can provide full management of your system needs.

  • enFlow

    enFlow is a tool for automating and managing business processes and for integrating systems.

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