Risk Transfer Solutions

Energy One can deliver structured risk transfer solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of clients.

Acting as brokers through our CQ Energy subsidiary, these risk management solutions allow clients to transfer risks to very highly rated international insurance companies.

Plant Outage Insurance

Owners of physical plant enter into long term contracts with customers. They can be exposed to significant losses when they suffer unplanned plant outages.

Plant Outage Insurance provides the owner with protection against the losses that can be incurred during plant outages.

Demand-Linked Products

The demand for energy from customers is highly variable. This variability in demand creates substantial risks for energy market participants which must be managed.

Demand linked products provide an alternative method for managing risks that arise from variable customer demand.

Weather-Linked Products

There is a very strong correlation between weather and demand for energy. During hot weather the demand for electricity is high. During cold weather the demand for gas is high. When there is no wind there is minimal output (and revenue) from wind farms.

Energy businesses can have substantial revenue that is highly dependent on weather outcomes. These revenue risks can be managed through weather-linked products.

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