Process Automation & Integration Software

Energy One’s process automation solution simplifies workflows and improves integration across systems.

In a competitive, fast-paced energy market, businesses need to increase productivity, reduce cost and eliminate risk. To remain ahead of the competition and take advantage of market opportunities, smart, effective decisions need to be made rapidly. Here is how our process automation solutions can help.

enFlow from Energy One is a purpose-built business process automation solution designed to improve productivity, reduce workload and reduce business risk.

Automate your processes

enFlow swiftly provides critical data needed to support decision-making and to automate laborious and complex processes, from basic reading of emails to intelligent optimisations and evaluations. enFlow enables businesses to free up human talent to be used more effectively.

It can automate processes such as energy bid preparations, nominations, settlement of complex trades including PPAs, bid and offer preparation, market compliance monitoring, management of certificates and much more.

  • enTrader®

    enTrader® is an award-winning ETRM solution designed for UK and European energy market participants.

  • enVoy

    enVoy is an accredited ECVN, EDT and EDL communication tool for the UK power market.

  • enPrice

    enPrice is a scalable commodity retail pricing solution for the UK and Irish markets.

  • EOT

    EOT is a front, middle and back office solution for energy commodities for Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

  • SimEnergy

    SimEnergy is Australasia’s most popular packaged ETRM solution, offering deal capture, settlements and risk capability.

  • NemSight

    NemSight is a real-time presentation and historical analysis tool for the Australian electricity, gas and renewables markets.

  • pypIT

    pypIT is Australia’s leading gas pipeline contracts management and scheduling platform.

  • EnergyOffer

    EnergyOffer is a bidding, offering, dispatch and logistics solution for all Australian energy markets.

  • Managed Services

    With all products available in the cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS), Energy One can provide full management of your system needs.

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