Algorithmic Energy Trading and Auction Bidding Software

Energy One makes energy trading easy with intelligent algotrading solutions.

We offer traders and energy companies an intuitive, fast and powerful algorithmic energy trading and auction bidding platform.


Our algorithmic trading software is scalable. Start with just one trading session on one market zone or handle several intraday positions traded with different algorithms. Have your trades fully integrated to our nomination and scheduling module.

Using our algorithmic trading module will enable you to quickly add new sessions and adapt your strategy at any time.


The principle of our automated trading solution is to roll out highly flexible algorithmic trading strategies on European energy markets.

First: Elaborate your strategy. Define the energy volumes you want the algorithmic trading software to trade, the energy price limits you want to set and how to interact with a live volatile energy market.

Then: Let our algorithms buy and sell accordingly. Data can be static, dynamic or live, with a direct feed from an external system such as a live production forecast, system imbalance prices calculation and more.


Where continuous markets are key to closing, adjusting and optimising your positions, auction markets remain a key element in daily portfolio management.

While most power auctions occur only once or twice a day, energy market participants still have to participate every day. This leads to teams having to repeat the same operational tasks to prepare bids, post bids and integrate market results. Most of the time, those tasks remain manual or poorly automated, increasing the risk of mistakes and human error.

  • eZ-Ops

    eZ-Ops handles nominations, balancing and algotrading for European energy trading and operations.

  • Global 24/7 Outsourced Operations Services

    Energy One’s outsourced operations services 'follow the sun' to provide 24/7 coverage of energy portfolios across the globe.

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