Energy One preparing for customer summit

This interview was featured on the CTRM Center blog in February 2023 Written by Dr. Gary M. Vasey

Energy One is busy managing a host of implementation and other projects around its product suite, say Simon Wheeler, CEO of Energy One Europe. It is also rebranding, launching a new combined web site and content while preparing for a customer summit in Brussels in March. Simon is particularly excited about the summit saying that many customers and prospects will be attending where they will be experiencing presentations, workshops, and discussions. It will also be attended by Group CEO, Shaun Ankers, he told me.

With all the projects going on – either implementations or enhancements – Energy One is constantly seeking to hire good staff. Recently, it has hired a new General Manager in Europe, for example, he said. However, it is challenging to recruit new staff, Simon acknowledged despite offering good incentives. “We are constantly interviewing,” he said. “We can’t hire fast enough really.”

Business remains good with 2-3 new customers a month coming on board while there is a lot of other work going on including migrating and consolidating functionalities in the eZ-Ops solution while still maintaining and enhancing the EGSSIS product. It is also working on keeping up to date with regulatory changes, he said.

Another area of change is that along with rebranding, it is consolidating where feasible. For example, it has moved to combined sales teams and account management where it could consolidate but obviously kept dedicated pre-sales support by product.

Written by Dr. Gary M. Vasey

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