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Manual or automatic?

While this question is most heard in relation to cars, it would seem from the discussions that took place during Energy Trading Week in October 2020, that it is also one of the hottest topics in the field of energy trading at the moment.

Energy One UK was delighted to be a sponsor of the High Growth Traders Forum at Energy Trading Week. We found great appetite for increased automation within energy trading operations.

There is a need for solutions in the marketplace that will allow energy traders to automate parts, or all, of their operations to allow them to function more effectively.

We can understand why.

Energy trading is complex. Companies often use a mix of market, engineering and business systems. Information between these systems must flow, and sometimes there can be a break in that flow. People must intervene to correct the course, but manual processing can be time consuming and mistakes can be made. 
A solution is needed.  

Here at Energy One, we are proud to offer a purpose-built, cloud-based automation solution. 

Created for the energy industry, enFlow – our Process Automation solution – can automate processes such as PPAs, energy bid preparations, nominations, flows, B2B transactions, settlement processes, certificate management, outage management, maintenance management and much more.

It has been designed to improve productivity, reduce workload and business risk, simplify workflows and improve integration across systems.

enFlow is configurable to the specific needs of a business or operation, is easy to use, and processes execute automatically, meaning you can focus on what is most important.

It also provides many options to work with counterparties and enables direct integration with trading and operation software solutions, such as Energy Trading Risk Management (ETRM) products and notification tools. 

With enFlow, your daily operations can flow more easily.

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