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Energy One UK delivers smart solutions for Yorkshire Gas and Power

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The Company

Yorkshire Gas and Power (YGP) was formed in 2009 by Rishi Raichura, with the aim of delivering “a refreshingly different view on how business energy customers should be treated by energy suppliers”.

Its driving force was to offer gas and electricity deals to suit businesses of all sizes. Fast forward 11 years and the company now supplies commercial gas and electricity to businesses across England, Scotland and Wales at highly competitive prices.

George Christian, Senior Commercial Analyst at YGP, explains: “Like any successful business, growing Yorkshire Gas and Power into the company it is today has taken years of hard work and determination. This ethos stems from management and is echoed by all of our employees.”

The Challenge

The company’s growth led to YGP experiencing some issues with the way it handled its energy trading, which led to the commercial energy supplier seeking solutions from Energy One in the UK that help to make its processes smarter and simpler.

George continues: “As we grew, we found that tracking and managing forecast and traded positions, as well as forward curves, notified positions and invoices, was becoming increasingly difficult using basic Microsoft packages.”

The Solution

“However, using [Energy One’s] robust ETRM solution, enTrader®, and its customisable communications solution, enVoy, makes this process much smoother and easier, as all the data is stored in one place”, adds George.

Turning to Energy One UK for commercially-produced solutions to make YGP’s energy trading more straightforward and accurate has generated a host of benefits for the Leeds-based business, as George describes: “We can now easily upload and pull our positions, and compare them to each other and different curve data, from any point in time. We are also able to validate invoices and receive/pull file flow data. Having these options available in one consolidated place make business processes much quicker, with data easily accessible.

“Add to this the fact that we can accurately report on wholesale trading costs, price positions quickly and create efficiencies in time-management, means that [Energy One’s] solutions are really working well for our business.”

The Implementation

Energy One is proud to support YGP with its smarter, simpler energy trading solutions.

Preconfigured for the European energy market with ready-to-use functionality, enTrader is delivered in the cloud or on-premise and can be implemented quickly.  Used by energy traders, producers and distributors, enTrader enables central and far-reaching control and management of the entire energy portfolio. Thanks to modular expansion options, the software grows with specific requirements at any time and can be adapted to individual needs.

enVoy is an integrated energy nomination and scheduling platform for UK power. It is an Elexon and National Grid accredited tool, designed to manage UK ECVN, EDT and EDL Physical Notifications and bid-offer submissions.

The robust communications framework provides an automated workflow, simplifying the process of sending and receiving energy industry data in the European power and gas markets. It can seamlessly integrate with enTrader as well as other ETRM systems. enVoy’s responsive data flow management capability provides assurance that data is submitted correctly.

The Results

There are features of Contigo’s solutions that really stand out for YGP. George says: “We find position comparison incredibly useful, as it helps influence hedging decisions, and the invoice validation functionality allows us to ensure we are charged the right amounts from counterparties.”

Energy One also delivers smart service to YGP too, as George explains: “Support calls, communication and implementation are all excellent. The team is always very communicative and responds to queries in a timely manner. Someone is always on hand to help with any questions we have.

“The support offered by Energy One is honestly the best I’ve personally experienced from a third party supplier, to the point where I know we can query anything with the support team and they will try their best to resolve it or offer potential solutions.”


Turning to Energy One for commercially-produced solutions to make YGP’s energy trading more straightforward and accurate has generated a host of benefits for the Leeds-based business.

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