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enTrader® is an award-winning Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) solution that simplifies energy trading. It is designed for UK and European energy market participants.

enTrader is a multi-commodity, multi-user, time-series based system that supports the full trade lifecycle from deal capture and risk management through to settlement processes.

This ETRM software allows users to evaluate portfolios in real-time including market and credit risk, cash-flows and P&L all subject to limit monitoring.

As a modular system, it is scalable to adapt to growing business needs. It is built for European energy markets and has the design and architecture to provide for both scalability and extensibility to meet client requirements, both now and in the future.

Flexible & Adaptable ETRM Software

Using the latest technology and delivered in the cloud, or on-premise, it can be implemented quickly and with low risk, to support all traded European energy market derivatives.

The software features advanced capabilities to manage any point in the energy value chain, including generation, wholesale and retail trading. It is designed to be easy to use and flexible, so that it can adapt with businesses, without the need for costly re-configuration.

Easily Integrated

enTrader is preconfigured for the European energy market with ready-to-use functionality. The system can be easily integrated with European Power and Gas venues enabling straight-through processing of trade capture in addition to direct access to intraday markets.

enTrader is a modular ETRM solution providing instant position and total visibility of your business via fully integrated Power BI dashboards.


The software enables straight-through processing across all business functions, including trade execution, portfolio risk management, physical delivery scheduling and EMIR and REMIT regulatory compliance.

Key features include trade data enrichment, real-time trade valuation, confirmations, formula-based pricing, forward curve management and automated settlement.

Ready-to-go ETRM solution

With enTrader preconfigured for the European energy market, and the option to choose cloud delivery with a SaaS (software as a service) licence agreement, enTrader can be deployed in hours and be fully implemented in as little as a few weeks.


enTrader allows a lower cost of ownership, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. enTrader is designed to be extensible and can be customised to meet each customer’s individual requirements, while still allowing them to benefit from fast, standard upgrades. It is also highly scalable, dealing easily with increases in trade volumes and user numbers.

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What our customers say about our ETRM software

Working with Energy One has led to a strong partnership. We wanted a collaborative and agile software provider, and Energy One is a great example of this. Communication is frequent and the entire process is fluid. We are flexible with our requirements, and similarly, Energy One is very flexible to adapt. We seek value and confidence, and Energy One delivers that.


The enTrader system is flexible and the Energy One team helps to ensure that we do things in the smartest and simplest way. We really liked that it was so easy to make the API connection over to our [eZ-Ops] nominations system, and also to Trayport Joule, which means that all the trades that we do on the exchange are automatically deal-captured in enTrader and then nominated to [eZ-Ops], so minimising risk.


The flexibility of the ETRM software is very important to Ecotricity. We want to have the ability to add functionality and do things differently, without it taking months and lots of consultants to implement. With enTrader, we are able to do a lot ourselves, simply, and we see this as a key benefit. With the data being logically stored in SQL, it has made it efficient and straightforward to develop reporting structures out of the system.


The support offered by Energy One is honestly the best we’ve personally experienced from a third party supplier, to the point where we know we can query anything with the support team and they will try their best to resolve it or offer potential solutions.

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