Energy Trading Contract Management

We help you to mitigate risk and maximise profitability.

With Energy One’s solutions for energy trading contract and portfolio management, we can help you to understand how changes in market factors, such as prices and volatility, affect the value of your portfolio.

ETRM – Commodities Trading, Settlement and Risk

Energy One’s leading energy trading and risk management solutions enable retailers, traders, generators, users and customers to manage their portfolio and benefit from seamless integration between trading, risk management and execution.

Leverage multi-commodity and multi-market connectivity alongside automation of trading processes for intra-day and day-ahead markets.

Power Purchase Agreements, Flex/Complex Contracts

Manage your Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and Flex/Complex Contracts easily.

Leverage the benefits of Energy One’s process automation and optimisation tool that works in harmony with ETRM software.

Process Automation and Integration Software

We can help you to simplify your workflows and improve integration across your systems.

Energy Market Data, Alerting and Analytics

Benefit from real-time presentation and analytics of energy market data for Australian electricity, gas and renewables markets.

Energy One can help you with:

Dynamic Position-Keeping and Portfolio Management – Value at Risk (VaR) – MtM P&L – Credit Risk – Risk Limits – Forward Curves – Trades – Positions – Formulae – OTC Financial Transactions – Time-Series Management – Fixed-For-Floating SWAPS – PPAs – Forecasted Volumes – Actual Volumes – Traded Volumes – Exposure Reporting – What-If Scenarios – Front-To-Back Workflow Management …and more.

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