Energy One closes deal increasing coverage in CEE, The Baltics and Southern Europe

Energy One has signed its largest software deal in Europe to-date for gas and power nomination and scheduling in terms of market areas covered.

The deal with a leading European energy supplier will see the company roll out portfolio balancing, nominations and market communication with 100+ TSOs, SSOs, exchanges and market operators across 24 countries in Europe. The signing does not represent a material contract in terms of ASX disclosure and is not the large Gas customer referred to in EOL’s Appendix 4E released to the ASX 28th August.

Its client’s scope encompasses a gradual roll-out, with the ambitious end goal to enable gas and power trading and operations across:

  • 24 power exchanges in 21 European countries
  • 34 power operators in 24 European countries
  • 43 gas operators in 21 European countries

Energy One’s Belgian and French subsidiaries boast considerable experience in this field. Its software is currently supporting European gas and power operations and market communication with 53 gas operators across 17 countries, and 27 operators for power in 15 countries . In terms of natural gas, Energy One currently offers the largest coverage in Europe, and is a close second in power.

These operators range from TSOs and (gas) Storage Systems Operators to (virtual) trading hubs, power interconnectors and gas pipeline operators. Furthermore, our solutions have modules enabling short-term algo-trading and auction bidding on nine European power exchanges at present.

The implementation will see Energy One roll out market communication, nomination and matching across many new market areas, mainly in Southern, Central and Eastern Europe. With algo-trading and auction bidding coming to 15 additional European exchanges, its other clients wishing to expand their short-term power trading operations will clearly benefit as well.

Upon completion of this project, Energy One will offer the largest coverage of European gas and power market operators, storage operators and TSOs. As this implementation roadmap goes live, the company will gradually open up access to markets in Romania, Hungary, Greece, Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovenia, Albania, Montenegro, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Bosnia, Croatia, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and North Macedonia.

With this comes the ability to nominate gas and/or power to all the market operators and TSOs in these countries, as well as access to their exchanges for short-term power trading or auction bidding. Customers will no longer need to open up several portals or web applications for each TSO; all of this will be accessible in the intuitive SaaS solution customers are already using.

Vincent Dumontoy, General Manager for Energy One Belgium and France, comments:

“I have the pleasure to announce the largest SaaS deal to-date for Energy One France. This project will allow us to support gas and power nominations and balancing across many additional market areas. On top of that, connectivity with 15 additional power exchanges will be implemented through our algo-trading and our auction bidding modules.

Once this is complete, our eZ-Ops solution will cover almost every power exchange and gas & power market area in Europe, effectively making us the only service provider that can serve a client across the whole continent and the UK energy market.

Our teams will initially focus on rolling out access to the grids we currently support in eZ-Ops, while we work to gradually implement new countries and market operators as the roadmap progresses. I have every confidence in our teams; they have proven time and again they do not shy away from projects of this scope and embrace the challenge.”

Those interested in expanding to the countries mentioned can contact Energy One via their account manager or by clicking the button below.

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