Energy One launches Global 24/7 Operations Solution

global 24/7 operations

With 24/7 trading/scheduling teams in multiple countries, Energy One has recently launched a global operations service, making us the only software vendor now providing seamless global 24/7 operational energy services and control rooms.

Our vision: Why have we launched Global 24/7 Operations?

Global energy markets are transforming and we’re ready to support those evolving markets. Over the past three years, Energy One has consolidated several individual 24/7 teams with operations desks in European and Australian energy markets. These include the capabilities of eZ-nergy (France), EGSSIS (Belgium) and CQ Energy (Australia).

We are now launching a global solution, combining our class-leading software products with a premium service offering. We are ‘following the sun’ to provide 24/7 operational coverage of global energy markets.

With control rooms in France, Belgium and Australia, Energy One has become the only software vendor able to provide 24/7 operational energy services. A global 24/7 operations desk with a follow-the-sun approach means we have full coverage of daytime staff operating night shifts for energy portfolios across the globe.

Why utilise Energy One’s global trading solutions?

We leverage the expertise and scale of a global group to maximize the benefits for all customers served by Energy One.

Energy One is leading supplier of market trading, scheduling and dispatch software. We can operate our software for you. We can be your reliable partner to handle nomination and dispatching, balancing, asset scheduling, trading, auction bidding and related activities in gas and power markets, on your behalf.

There are several reasons why you may want to outsource some – or all – of your operations to Energy One:

  • The cost of staffing: a full 24/7 shift with experienced operators that work during nights, weekend and (public) holidays can be costly
  • Night-shifts and out-of-hours work during public holidays or weekends is not conducive to a great work-life balance for most people, leading to reduced employee satisfaction and retention – by outsourcing these shifts to a reliable service provider, you can increase employee retention of your experienced operators while maintaining a balance of full day-time control over your assets
  • Outsourcing repetitive activities such as daily nominations, balancing, asset scheduling and responding to asset activation requests, allows your traders and operations staff to focus on the mission-critical and real value-added activities

Due to increasing energy costs and competition, operational effectiveness becomes paramount. With global ‘follow-the-sun’ operations in place, there will always be an operator balancing gas and power portfolios working in ‘daily hours’, even if it is night-time where you are based.

During the night in Europe, a team of experts in Australia handle nominations/bidding, scheduling (and more) on our customers’ behalf. Likewise, when it is night-time in Australia, experienced teams in Europe will soon be keeping an eye on Asia-Pacific assets on behalf of our clients.

Benefits for customers

One of the main compliments often paid about our operations teams is their reliability and customer focus. These teams are highly experienced, and given their geographical proximity, the European teams in Belgium and France are already forging one team.

As a result of a global continuous operations regime that follows the sun, we can ensure there is a fully staffed day-shift of Energy One employees watching over a portfolio, no matter where a customer’s operations and assets are based.

This leads to:

  • Faster response times to activation requests, imbalances or capacity overshoot warnings
  • Better quality of service during volatile trading sessions (most often in winter)
  • Lower error rates as there will be more staff on hand at all times to assist and execute the needed checks and balances
  • Importantly, this enhanced service does not increase any costs to existing customers. These enhancements are part of our commitment to providing the very best service to our clients

This is incredibly exciting for Energy One and its customers.

To find out more about why we are launching global energy services, read our recent blog by Energy One Group CEO, Shaun Ankers.

If you are interested in our global 24/7 operations or if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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