Energy One sponsors NEMBESS

Exciting sponsorship announcement: We’re thrilled to have partnered with NEMBESS, an online resource that offers a bird’s eye view of battery energy storage systems (BESS) operating in Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM). 

Energy One is the new sponsor of the NEMBESS website, meaning visitors to the site will be able to seamlessly click through to the Energy One website from the NEMBESS homepage.

The partnership between Energy One and NEMBESS has been developing for many years, having started with NEMBESS’s use of Energy One’s NemSight market analysis tool. Together, we’re making energy market data more accessible!

As a global leader, Energy One provides leading solutions for batteries, including automated bidding and optimisation through the enFlow process automation and EnergyOffer NEM market gateway products.

Ross Attrill, Chief Innovation Officer at Energy One, comments: “Beyond just a partnership, our sponsorship of NEMBESS is a shared mission to freely share valuable energy market info. Huge thanks to NEMBESS for choosing Energy One – we’re excited about the positive impact this collaboration will bring.”

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