Automation, Contract & Portfolio Management, Physical & Financial Trading

EnergyOffer is a comprehensive energy bidding, offering, dispatch and logistics solution for all Australian energy markets including NEM, WEM, VicGas and STTM.

EnergyOffer features an intuitive, fast and intelligent user interface for traders operating in these complex and fast moving markets. It is customisable and user-friendly.

Bidding of Energy and Services

  • Easy, fast, intuitive
  • Excel-like features
  • Intelligent controls such as FCAS balancing
  • Customisable screens for all manner of energy and ancillary services bidding/offering and re-bidding

Market data and value-added features

  • Multi-unit and multi-participant Automated DUID configuration maintenance
  • Workflow-based management of asset outages and automated market submission (e.g. MTPASA)
  • Submission compliance dashboards
  • Live market data, unit conformance dashboard and market notices
  • VicGas and STTM trading for gas markets

Enterprise platform & Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Fully customisable role-based security and permissions
  • Full audit trail features
  • Integrated authentication (LDAP & AD)
  • Comprehensive API for automation and integration
  • Available via secure cloud as SaaS or deployable on premises

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