Manual or automatic? Go with the (en)Flow…

Global 24/7 operational energy services

With much talk of automation within the world of commodities, Energy One, shares details of its automation tool that was built with energy commodities in mind. The configurable tool, enFlow, is helping to solve problems associated with manual processes and complex spreadsheets in the energy trading arena.

In an article published by the CTRM Center, an interesting use-case for Energy One’s enFlow software gives muscle to the solution’s capabilities, when it was recently deployed in a TSO environment.

When it comes to choosing manual or automatic, enFlow appears to truly put the user in the driving seat, with its customisable graphical dashboard UI. Far from being a ‘nice to have’, it would appear that process automation tools like this can be used as part of a much smarter, simpler approach. 

Discover more about enFlow and its capabilities in the CTRM Center article here

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