Maximising Profit through Battery Optimisation: Energy One’s enFlow Autobidder Solution 

Batteries are a critical part of the renewable revolution ongoing in the Australian Energy Market.  These highly flexible devices require intelligent software to ensure maximum returns can be achieved while ensuring compliant and sustainable operation. Energy One’s enFlow Autobidder addresses this challenge with a tailored solution for the National Electricity Market (NEM):  

Dispatching batteries into the NEM requires a decision to be made every 5 minutes about whether to charge to discharge (arbitrage) or offer frequency control services. It is subject to the constraints of the battery, market rules and other portfolio considerations, including network services agreements. This problem needs to be solved with intelligent, automated optimisation software

The Energy One enFlow Autobidder offers a comprehensive solution with key benefits: 

  1. Optimal Revenue Return: The software strategically places bids in the market, factoring in demand, supply, and pricing dynamics to secure the highest revenue.  
  1. Highly Flexibility: Recognizing unique asset aspects like network constraints and portfolio dependencies, the software ensures tailored optimisation for specific conditions.  
  1. Simple Subscription Licensing Model: With a straightforward subscription model, enFlow Autobidder becomes accessible, empowering businesses to adopt advanced optimisation capabilities. 

The chart below shows the revenue outcomes achievable with our software. It illustrates three key outcomes:  

  1. Perfect: Represents the theoretical maximum profit achievable under ideal conditions. While not practically attainable, it serves as a benchmark for assessing performance. 
  1. enFlow Optimised: Reflects the actual achievable outcome in the market using the enFlow autobidder, demonstrating its effectiveness in maximising revenue. 
  1. Vic – Average: Indicates the average revenue achieved by real units operating in Victoria over a specific period, providing context for comparing enFlow optimised outcomes. 

Energy One’s enFlow Autobidder maximises profit from battery assets with its adaptability to market conditions, and proven track record, making it a valuable tool for navigating the complexities of the Australian Energy Market.  

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