Physical and Financial Energy Trading

We help energy market participants to manage their physical and financial trading easily, securely and compliantly.

Energy One’s physical and financial energy trading solutions enable retailers, traders, generators, users and customers to benefit from seamless integration between trading, risk management and execution.

Make your physical and financial energy trading smart and simple. Leverage the benefits of integrated ETRM and execution solutions, alongside connectivity to multiple exchanges and automation of trading processes for intra-day and day-ahead markets.

SimEnergy - energy trading and risk management

ETRM – Commodities Trading, Settlement and Risk

Our best-in-class platforms for time-series-based energy trading and risk management are trusted by hundreds of energy market participants across Europe, the UK and Asia-Pacific.

Experience electronic and bilateral trading, supported by full front-to-back trade lifecycle management, all the way through to settlement and invoicing.

Algorithmic Energy Trading and Auction Bidding

Our scalable, flexible and automated platform will enable you to focus on your strategy, while our algorithms and automation engine do the work.

Energy Market Data, Alerting and Analytics

Energy One provides real-time presentation, alerting and analytics of energy market data for Australian electricity, gas and renewables markets.

Energy One can help you with:

Exchange Connectivity – Order Routing and Trade Execution – Order Management – Trade Execution Management – Straight-Through-Processing (STP) – Short-Term Trading – OTC Financial Transactions – Front-To-Back Workflow Management – Time-Series Management …and more

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