Power Plant Management System

UK & Europe
Commercial Operations, Contract & Portfolio Management, Global 24/7 Operations - Nomination, bidding, trading, Physical & Financial Trading

A custom power plant management solution has been built and is maintained by Energy One’s dedicated custom solutions team in Belgium.

Our asset management solution allows the client to manage the commercial operations for a gas-fired power plant using an intuitive and modern User Interface

Key functionality

  • Calculate power availability using data & forecasts
  • Communication with Production Steering Systems
  • Manage nominations with contract counterparties
  • Market Communication with counterparties
  • Schedule planned outages
  • Reporting and audit logs
  • Alerts and error notifications
  • User management and permissions
  • Intraday flexibility

Calculating power capacity

Our solution calculates the available power production capacity by combining dynamic data such as planned outages, plant and weather data, with static data including ambient conditions, technical limits and correction curves.

When new dynamic data comes in the solution will automatically calculate and update the availabilities, shown in the ‘availability declaration’ module.

Great User Experience

  • Intuitive and user-friendly UI
  • Manually edit values and renominate with a few clicks
  • Automation of workflows through various means
  • Warnings and error messages that help prevent human error
  • Events can trigger notifications through several channels including email, sms, pop-ups, triggers sent to other IT systems, etc.

Our power plant solution comprises of several modules:

The Dispatch Plan shows the approved dispatch plan for each turbine, based on the combined dispatch plan which is calculated by the plant operator based on a received availability declaration. This module also features tabs to manage the ‘sales plan’ for our client and an overview of their aggregated trades on EPEX.

Availability is the module where operators can view the latest ‘availability declaration’ which is calculated based on matching standing data and plant data. They can then decide to reject, download or approve this availability declaration. There’s also a handy ‘history’ widget showing intra-day version history.

The Audit log module has three main tabs: ‘Notifications’, ‘Events’ and ‘Messages’. In the events tab all events are listed such as changes in data (either manually by an operator or via interface from another system), bids send to the exchange and more. Messages show incoming and outgoing market communication such as nominations and their status. Finally, notifications shows an overview of alerts and other types of notifications received.

The Reporting module allows users to download the Availability declaration, Dispatch plan and Settlement report whenever they need to do so.

Standing Data is the module where operators get an overview of correction curves, reference conditions, technical limits and TA Contract Parameters. This is fixed data.

On the other hand, dynamic data is managed in the Plant data module. In the Outages and Commercial Stops‘ menu operators can create and view planned (or unplanned) outages. Weather data shows imports of weather forecasts and which date they were uploaded. In the Daily plant data tab the operator can add fouling factors for each of the turbine for specific days, and last but not least TenneT Power Allocation lists the power allocation files sent in by the TSO, TenneT.

What our Head of Product, Thomas Van Buggenhout, says:

The key to success for delivering an ambition project on time is combining three elements:

  1. Intense collaboration with the client
  2. Agile way of working
  3. Having the right people involved

The first two elements are closely linked: you can’t work in an agile way without regular feedback from the client. Therefore we had weekly meetings with the customer where we showed new features, reviewed the roadmap and discussed Quality Assurance such as bug fixes and improvements. Of course you also need the right people; our custom solutions team consists of senior developers and business analysts with many years of experience. This helped them to quickly grasp the concepts and technical requirements, and propose actionable solutions. Our customer also had a core project team which was involved from the RFP until long after we went live and who are still in touch with us on a regular basis to discuss ideas for new features.

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