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Automation, Contract & Portfolio Management, Global 24/7 Operations - Nomination, bidding, trading, Physical & Financial Trading

eZ-Ops handles nominations, balancing and algotrading for European energy trading and operations.

This SaaS energy trading platform focuses on automating physical gas and power logistics and short-term portfolio balancing in Europe. 

Algorithmic energy trading, energy position management, gas and power nominations and power generation scheduling are part of its key functionalities.

eZ-Ops is a modular, scalable energy trading platform with a quick set-up phase, allowing you to focus on your strategy.

Easy integration

eZ-Ops offers strong interoperability with other systems such as Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) software, energy forecasting tools and energy optimisation tools you might already use. The data feed is fully automated, making it easy for users.

Energy trading software functionalities can also fully integrate with your own energy trading software using our REST API.

Solve your market communication worries

We support and maintain communication lines with practically every TSO, SSO, Hub, Exchange and Market Operator in Europe. We have flexible set-up and routing of messages, supporting:

  • Message formats: ESS, EDINE, EDIEL, EDIGAS, XML, CIM
  • Security standards: AS2/AS4, ECP, SMTP, secured FTP
  • Communication channels from encrypted email to web-applications

Always up-to-date

Our business analysts track, maintain and implement all updates that TSOs and Operators roll-out in their respective market areas. That way, your team can focus on the operational aspects to keep your gas and power portfolios balanced.

Making energy trading easy

Powerful automation makes life easier for operations staff, allowing them to focus on what matters. User-friendliness is at the heart of each solution and REST APIs are in place for communication and full automation between your IT solutions and ours.

What our customers say

Using Energy One’s software and services we can really focus on our main competitive business processes. Working with Energy One is really efficient, they know their markets and technologies. It’s a walk in the park.

Essent (E.ON)

Using Energy One’s solutions we really reduced the amount of work for our operational and trading departments, allowing them to refocus on other topics.


Key features

Power and gas portfolio management

eZ-Ops’ position management software brings a clear vision of physical positions by bringing data together. Positions are calculated and displayed with both aggregated and detailed levels. You can check that your positions are balanced at any time and then proceed to nominations and scheduling. Capacity management is also included.

If you use the eZ-Ops automated and algorithmic trading modules, executed trades are automatically integrated into positions.

Automated power and gas nomination

The module offers full nomination workflow management. Clear matching status and detailed information are accessible. You can also access and download nomination messages. It also offers several possibilities to trigger nominations: scheduled, on event and manual: nomination worflow is easily adapted to your needs.

The module is always updated with latest power and gas operator specifications. As a member of the EASEE-Gas association, we also handle our own AS2 and AS4 servers for gas nominations.

Power generation asset scheduling

Power generation assets require specific power scheduling messages for production schedules and associated technical constraints.

Based on input data, the eZ-Ops power generation scheduling module automates full communication workflows with TSOs, from long term schedules and availabilities information, to real-time activation on tertiary reserve/mFRR and real-time communication with power production assets. Day-ahead scheduling for FCR and aFRR is also possible.

ACER REMIT Reporting

REMIT reporting is important for market transparency; every company buying or selling power and/or gas on the market has to declare standard and non standard transactions to ACER. This is done through Reporting Registered Mechanism (RRM) entities like Energy One France.

Our ACER code is B0001860H.FR and we offer full REMIT reporting services to European power and gas markets participants. eZ-Ops REMIT reporting software also handles the generation of Unique Transaction ID (UTI) generation using ACER algorithms.

Automate daily bidding with the Auction Bidding module

Automate day-ahead and intraday auctions processes on both EPEXSpot ETS, NordPool auction, NordPool day-ahead and CROPEX platforms.

Seize continuous market opportunities with the Algorithmic trading module

With its user-friendly graphical interface, available algorithms and vast range of parameters, you can easily optimise your intraday positions and available flexibilities. eZ-Ops’ automated trading module also offers day-ahead automated auctioning.

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