Case Study

Customer in Focus – NGF Nature Energy

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The Company

Nature Energy owns and operates 13 biogas plants located throughout Denmark, and operates one plant in France, with more projects in the pipeline.

The Solution

eZ-Ops from Energy One France

The Results

Two years ago we decided to move on from multiple nomination platforms and a tricky balance system to an integrated solution. We chose [Energy One] and it is a choice we appreciate very much. Their solution, eZ-Ops, is integrated into our ETRM system, meaning that when trading and verification in our ETRM system is done, all nominations follow automatically. Given that we are a dispatching team of only a few, it surely has made our work so much easier.

Configuration is fast and the team behind eZ-Ops were very helpful. Speaking of the team, it is not the software but the team behind that distinguish [Energy One] mostly from other solutions. Without any loss of French finesse, the team manage to offer fast and competent service around the clock. We recommend [Energy One] to our colleagues in the energy business without any hesitation.

Trading & Dispatching Team at NGF Nature Energy


Energy One France provides NGF Nature Energy with its eZ-Ops solution.

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    eZ-Ops handles nominations, balancing and algotrading for European energy trading and operations.

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