Energy One UK simplifies EDL communications with National Grid

We are proud to announce the launch of our new National Grid accredited software solution for UK power generators. This new enVoy module simplifies the real-time management of EDL (Electronic Dispatch and Logging) communications with National Grid.

Power generators and energy traders currently use our existing enVoy software to send and receive energy industry data in the UK power market. Our new module manages all EDL data flows, supporting real time dispatch with National Grid. By using our EDL module, you can establish a more instantaneous data transfer. enVoy now sets a new standard for fast, responsive and reliable intra-industry data flow management.

Benefits of Energy One’s enVoy EDL module

Using our EDL module you can easily monitor multiple BMUs concurrently in real-time. You will receive critical alerts enabling your business to respond quickly and easily. All incoming instructions are clearly displayed with the detail required. Submission profiles saved within the system, result in efficient and rapid submissions of updated parameters and run rates.

The module fully integrates with our existing EDT module, enabling you to monitor your overall status with National Grid. It also allows easy integration with other third party systems and can be simply modified to support customer-specific business workflows.

Our new enVoy EDL module is a powerful monitoring and alerting solution, allowing your business to track your position, and quickly detect errors and or communication issues. In addition to this, its robust audit history displays all outgoing and incoming communications.

Both our EDT and EDL modules have been designed to fully support the upcoming EBS changes being implemented by National Grid, with a smart structure that allows changes to be made quickly and simply.

The enVoy EDL module has been developed using the latest technology to simplify energy trading. We have worked closely with clients and their operations desks to ensure our EDL application simplifies regular tasks to maximise their operational effectiveness and flexibility.

Implementation, too, is fast and straightforward and our team works with clients at every stage to ensure that the set-up through to the connection with National Grid run smoothly. enVoy is modular, allowing businesses to select and pay only for the functionality they require.

Learn more about our accredited Elexon and National Grid communication and notification tool by getting in touch.

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