Fuelling your business growth – Supporting day ahead and intraday on EPEX Spot

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new enTrader® interface for all EPEX SPOT European markets on the day ahead auction market. The newly launched interface enables straight-through processing of trade capture for the day ahead auction market. We are now an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) with EPEX SPOT.

This new capability means that enTrader now supports automatic trade capture for both the auction and the intraday continuous market through EPEX SPOT, with the latter delivered via the enTrader interface with Trayport.

Having a direct interface with the EPEX SPOT auction trading system, means enTrader customers can retrieve information from the system and see their position on a real-time basis.

The enTrader access to the continuous intraday trading market on EPEX SPOT allows customers to take advantage of EPEX SPOT’s latest developments in the intraday market, such as the recent introduction of 30 minute continuous trading in France, Germany and Switzerland.

The ability to operate in the short-term energy market is crucial in today’s energy sector. Our market-leading intraday trading capabilities have meant we are growing our customer base significantly. This new day-ahead auction functionality with EPEX SPOT will bring further flexibility and opportunities for clients.

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