Energy One announces new release of its eZ-Ops nomination and algotrading solution

Energy One has been working on several improvements to its eZ-Ops application, taking into account feedback from its users.

The eZ-Ops solution is used daily, in tight deadlines and sometimes stressful conditions. The update improves the user experience (UX) and we believe this new UX will bring great satisfaction for the end users. Below are a few key features that have been added or refreshed:

Auction bidding

eZ-Ops now offers a fully automated auction bidding tool for power that includes any energy market supported by EPEXSpot and NordPool. It also offers the possibility to handle bidding using several internal portfolios, which will be automatically aggregated when bidding on the exchange. This will ease daily activity (multi-desk bidding, market access management etc.) and save market fees.

Dynamic position management

Position management is key for balancing and nomination. We have built a brand-new position management screen based on pivot tables, and both vertical and horizontal display. Users can now easily build their own position management view and easily take advantage from it.

Generic filters

In order to avoid selection and filtering in each screen, we have implemented generic filters that are now part of the user’s profile. Any filter will be kept for a user’s next session. Dates, Countries, markets and operators are part of those generic filters.

Time zones

There are 3 different time zones in the EU and there are users that are not based in the EU. It became important to enable time zones management in order to adapt the UX to users’ preferred time zone. Users can now easily decide whether they want to see their data in the market time zone or any other time zone. This quality-of-life update should make daily operations easier and avoid operational errors.

Websocket API connectivity

eZ-Ops now offers a full websocket API connectivity to EPEXSpot and NordPool continuous markets, which gives additional flexibility to our algotrading tool. In short this offers additional possibilities to power traders so they can directly integrate this simplified and stabilised connectivity to their own software/pieces of code without implementing the full connectivity required by EPEXSpot and NordPool.

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