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Asia-Pacific, UK & Europe
Analytics, Automation, Contract & Portfolio Management, Energy Market Consulting, Physical & Financial Trading, Risk Transfer Services

All of Energy One’s software solutions are available in the cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS). Energy One can provide full management of your system needs, so that you can fully focus on your energy portfolio.

Cost-effective SaaS solutions

Operating in the cloud can reduce CAPEX and lower the total cost of ownership. With our SaaS managed services, there is no need to buy and maintain on-site hardware and software.

Our services take care of the infrastructure and include regular updates plus ongoing support as part of a monthly cost.

Highly Available

Our SaaS solutions are designed from the ground up to be highly available. With SaaS solutions running across multiple geographic locations, we can ensure any localised loss of service does not result in downtime for your applications.

Being able to access your system anywhere, 24/7, without compromising on security, means it will always be business-as-usual.


Our SaaS managed services are delivered on highly secure platforms, using the latest security best-practices.

All data is encrypted, and robust data segregation means information stays secure.


Customised versions of our software solutions are fully supported, as are flexible upgrades, which are managed on your schedule, not ours. Bugs and back-ups are managed too.

Scalable SaaS managed services

Opting for a managed service provides a scalable solution, with the reassurance that if your business grows, your cloud system grows with you. 

It’s good to have your head in the cloud.

What our customers say about our SaaS solutions

We were looking for a lean, agile solution to replace our old dispatching system. Something easier-to-use and web-based. Our old system could only run on desktop computers. Thanks to the Software-as-a-Service solutions of Energy One, we can open up the platform at home and do our job. It’s easy for the dispatchers to quickly get a good overview and it will help us grow in the future.


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