Webinar Recording: Speed up your entry to new energy markets

Speed up your entry to new energy markets

On January 30th 2024, Energy One and Time2Market joined forces to share valuable insights that will help companies gain faster access to new energy markets. Many of the participants asked for a recording and the slides, and we are happy to oblige.

Watch the recording below:

In case the above embedded video does not work, you can access the direct link to the recording here.

The accompanying slides:

Want to learn more about gaining entry to new energy markets?

Accompanying our webinar, Time2Market and Energy One have written two blogs covering six common challenges that can delay your market entry. Read them to gain additional insights and ensure you tackle these challenges in the right way, ensuring you get faster energy market access:

You can find our blog here, where we talk about navigating differences in business culture, language and how different interpretations of a BRP license between TSOs can lead to significant delays in your application.

Last but not least is Time2Market’s blog, in which they dive deeper into legalisation and time validity of documents, and the importance of finding a good law firm to assist your market entry.

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