A new European brand: Contigo Software Limited, eZ-nergy and EGSSIS to become Energy One

Contigo Software Limited in the UK, eZ-nergy in France and EGSSIS in Belgium are to rebrand to Energy One. The move will see Energy One emerge as a European brand.

Energy One is a global supplier of software products and services to wholesale energy, environmental and carbon trading markets. The rebranding is part of an integration project to bring the Energy One-owned companies together.

Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:EOL) since 2007, but with more than 15 years of market experience, the Energy One Group of companies has a successful track record of providing sophisticated, practical solutions and services to Australasian and European companies operating in the fast-paced 24/7 wholesale energy marketplace.

A strategy for success

A new booth at E-world 2022 bearing the Energy One name signals the start of the brand transition for the leading energy trading software and service providers.

The rebrand, which will take place gradually over the coming months, will be supported by multi-platform marketing and communications activity as the Energy One name emerges as a major force in European energy trading software and services.

Simon Wheeler, European CEO of Energy One, explains: “Energy One’s approach is to put together like-minded suppliers with strong product sets and a culture dedicated to serving customers with easy-to-install, reliable solutions. Contigo, EGSSIS and eZ-nergy individually have proven track records for delivering value with products and services that assist customers across Europe. Together, they offer a pan-European solution for the entire portfolio of wholesale energy trading needs – for both physical and contract energy – backed by a strong, successful and secure global company.”

Celebrating synergies

The European presence of Contigo, eZ-nergy and EGSSIS provides considerable synergies and will position Energy One as a major competitor in the broader European energy markets. The joining of the complementary businesses under a common brand means that Energy One can offer users an end-to-end solution for European power and gas physical and financial trading, and scheduling.

Simon adds: “It is an exciting new era for everyone, from our staff to our customers and partners. The teams are working really well together; we are transitioning and growing.”

Contigo (acquired by Energy One in 2018) is a leading supplier of ETRM solutions across the UK and Europe. It offers its award-winning enTrader® ETRM solution, alongside enVoy; a solution designed to manage UK ECVN, EDT and EDL Physical Notifications and bid-offer submissions, and enFlow; a business process automation and optimisation engine designed specifically for the energy industry. Contigo’s enTrader ETRM integrates seamlessly with eZ-nergy’s eZ-Ops solution.

eZ-nergy  (acquired by Energy One in 2020) is a French vendor established in European gas and power logistics, scheduling, balancing, nominations, position management, algotrading and logistics. Its web-based eZ-Ops energy trading software is a scalable solution designed to make energy trading easy. 

EGSSIS (acquired by Energy One in 2021) is a Belgian service provider offering gas and power operations and software solutions. Its egssPort Gas solution is used for the nomination and balancing of gas portfolios, whilst its egssPort Power solution handles nomination towards TSOs in the power market.

eZ-nergy and EGSSIS offer services to manage 24/7 or out-of-hours operations for clients, where experienced and dedicated teams work together and act on behalf of customers in scheduling and nominations for day–ahead and intra-day markets. 

Discover more about Energy One at E-world

Contigo Software Limited, eZ-nergy and EGSSIS are exhibiting together on one stand at E-world 2022 between 21-23 June. You can discover more about the benefits of the Energy One companies coming together by visiting their booth in Hall 3 – Stand 242. 

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