Energy One Thriving in European Markets

This article was featured on the CTRM Center blog in November 2023 – Written by Dr. Gary M. Vasey

Energy One continues to recruit against excellent demand for its products and services. Simon Wheeler, CEO – Europe, said that it had added more than 8 new staff in recent weeks including two senior roles including a head of customer success (Florence Elcock) and European product owner in algo trading and exchanges (Bibek Agarwal). “We have a great deal of project work, and we are adding staff against that demand,” he said.

Energy One’s scheduling software and services business continues to add new customers at a rate of two to three a month and is a “great business”, and it has also signed several new customers for its ETRM business as well. A highlight of the scheduling side of the business was that it had recently signed its first customer in Greece and a huge deal with a leading European energy supplier that will see the company roll out portfolio balancing, nominations and market communication with 100+ TSOs, SSOs, exchanges and market operators across 24 countries in Europe.

Meanwhile, the ETRM side had started picking up more financial/trading organisations – seeking a one-stop shop. “We are finding these sorts of entities like our ability to deliver software solutions and outsourced services around scheduling and trading,” he said. “Our size, reputation, expertise and ability to provide follow the sun, 24 by 7 services, is very attractive to that sort of customer.” A new customer had also just gone live with the enTrader software combined with the enFlow solution and Simon hopes to formally announce that shortly.

Indeed, Energy One is adding staff in that side of the business as it sees lots of demand for outsourced services as well as software. “Traditionally, it has been those smaller type entities that sought out offerings like ours where a vendor could do everything for them. However, we are now seeing larger firms looking to us for out of hours services as well.  Not only does Energy One have a healthy schedule of project work for the foreseeable future, but it also has a strong and active pipeline of opportunities,” Simon told me. This is an area of the business where Energy One intends to get more focused in the coming months and where it has created a new global role to manage it.

On the ETRM side, Energy One had hired a new Product Manager a while ago and he is driving the direction of the software. “We have a really good roadmap going forward,” he said. “The ETRM side is very competitive especially for the bigger opportunities out there, yet we are still finding lots of traction in the market for our ETRM software.”

Energy One is also looking forward to E-world next February as it has picked up a larger booth space in the most sought-after area, Simon told me. There the company will be exhibiting all of its solutions and services.

Written by Dr. Gary M. Vasey

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