Why Energy One?

The Energy One Group has a successful track record of providing sophisticated, proven solutions to international energy market customers.

We serve a wide range of customers across the globe. Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:EOL) since 2007, our customers include energy retailers, generators and traders ranging from startups to multi-national energy companies.

The wholesale energy market is complex, incorporating the trading of physical energy (gas and electricity) with the requirement to capture and settle contracts for hedging, trading and portfolio purposes as well as a vast array of wholesale operations needs such as nominations, pipeline logistics, market analysis and reporting.

Our suite of products offers proven market integration for European, UK, and Asia-Pacific markets via best-of-breed modules to provide a single platform solution to enable generators, retailers and traders to manage their entire wholesale trading portfolio.

Our team of industry experts specialise in each of the relevant technical areas and our network of local offices means that we can provide local support to our customers.

Our Products

Energy sectors


Wholesale electricity markets across the globe are becoming increasingly complex. Increasing penetration of renewables, distributed energy resources and regulatory change along with the ongoing demand to increase profitability places ongoing pressure to find better ways of managing electricity portfolios.

Energy One has a comprehensive set of products to cover both financial and physical electricity market operations across a wide range of geographies and jurisdictions. Product capabilities include analytics, trading and risk management and logistics. We have the right products to scale from the newest windfarm through to massive, multi commodity generation portfolios.

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It has been forecast that wind and solar power will make up 50% of the world electricity mix by 2050. Renewable generation brings numerous challenges and opportunities including intermittency, 5 minute markets and optimally managing new storage technologies.

Energy One has a product suite to support all the needs of the owners and operators of renewable projects including full management of Power Purchase Agreements, certificate lifecycle management and trading and market dispatch and compliance.

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Coal and Oil

Coal and Oil remain fundamental sources of energy in our modern world. Increasing global trading and new markets present challenges and opportunities for energy companies with exposure to these commodities. Effective management requires clarity of information along with flexibility in application of business rules for accounting and valuation of positions.

Energy One’s products enable and support trading of these essential commodities including trade capture, information gathering such as index data and tools to support logistics and inventory management.

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Natural Gas

Natural gas is a critical transition fuel as older electricity generation sources reach end of life and we transition to a lower carbon economy. New technologies for the mining and shipping of gas have fundamentally changed the nature of wholesale gas markets worldwide with increased competition and complexity.

Yet many of the technology needs of gas portfolio managers are not well served by traditional energy market software. Energy One has a unique set of products that have been designed from the outset with the needs of gas portfolio managers in mind.

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