Easy to install, operate and maintain, SimEnergy offers out-of-the-box capability for:

  • Deal capture – for a wide range of Australasian contracts both OTC and market-based derivatives
  • Load forecasting – for creating retail and generator dispatch static and dynamic forecasts
  • Calibration – this module creates price calibrations for forward, spot and VaR simulation
  • Spot market analytics – creates position reports and calculates multi-region EaR simulations and offers reports for a wide range of positions.
  • Futures analytics – comprises forward curve based analyses for MtM, VaR and margins
  • Settlements – settlement calculations for power derivatives, environmentals and other instruments
  • Environmentals – calculates an inventory or cashflow report for certificates, including deals using historical retail load or generation or forecasts which can then be included in mark-to-market and VaR reports.

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Product solution
Market analytics
ETRM – Contracts Trading, Settlements and Risk
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines
UK and Europe
Power and gas bidding/offering
Power nominations and scheduling
Gas pipeline/storage nominations, scheduling and operations
Australia, NZ, Europe, Asia, North America
Complex settlements and workflow automation
Australia, NZ, Europe, Asia, North America
Retail pricing engine
UK and Europe