• Live prices – for all markets and regions including user configurable alerting
  • Live Generation – for all regions and generation units and statistics aggregated by a wide array of factors
  • Live Network diagrams – presenting generation, outages and constraints in an easy-to-use format
  • Generator re-bidding – examines bidstacks for all energy and ancilliary markets
  • Time Machine – historical data analysis and extraction tool covering Electricity (incl FCAS pricing), Gas, Rooftop PV and Weather.
  • Regional statistics – offers a range of statistics based on spot price, regional or interconnector volumes to be time-bucketed by peak or off-peak schedules, profiles, distributions and duration curves
  • Rooftop PV – provision of forecast rooftop PV generation data, presented in a graphical form and in Time Machine.
  • NemSight Mobile – Android and iOS application providing live access to key NEM (Electricity) data
  • Live Gas Network Overview – presents gas bulletin board data such as forecast and actual flows
  • Gas bidstacks – for STTM and VicGas

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We offer best-of-breed energy trading solutions based on customer needs and geography. In each case, we have a specific, proven solution for your chosen application.

Product solution
Market analytics
ETRM – Contracts Trading, Settlements and Risk
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines
UK and Europe
Power and gas bidding/offering
Power nominations and scheduling
Gas pipeline/storage nominations, scheduling and operations
Australia, NZ, Europe, Asia, North America
Complex settlements and workflow automation
Australia, NZ, Europe, Asia, North America
Retail pricing engine
UK and Europe