Smarter Simpler Energy Trading: SaaS ETRMs

We were delighted to be a sponsor of the High Growth Traders Forum at Energy Trading Week in October 2020.

We know that a comprehensive Energy Trading Risk Management (ETRM) system is the key to accurate energy trading and choosing the right solution is critical.
Perhaps businesses with an ETRM system already in place are looking to switch vendors, or perhaps companies using spreadsheets to manage energy trading are looking to find a commercially-developed solution?
Whatever the reason for considering ETRM software, we know the importance of choosing a robust, well-architected solution. Why? Because effective risk management within trading businesses is essential.

A good ETRM should act as a hub that manages and protects trade data in a single system of reference and offer timeliness of reporting in an arena where compliance is key.
Today’s best ETRM software is also extensible and easily configurable so that entry into new markets is simply a matter of rapid and risk-free configuration.

There is also great appetite for Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions in the marketplace that provide rapid user benefits with reduced implementation time and efficient position management.
At Energy One, we are proud to offer enTrader®, a robust, purpose-built ETRM solution for the UK and Europe, alongside SimEnergy, our solution for the Australasian market.
ETRM systems like enTrader and SimEnergy can be delivered in the cloud on an affordable SaaS subscription basis. Implementation can be faster than many expect, and once implemented, it will provide a functional, scalable and extensible platform on which a trading business can operate and grow, as well as manage its regulatory and compliance obligations.
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