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Power Purchase Agreements in 2023

Power Purchase Agreements have been around for a while, but with growing expectations and energy market innovations, the PPA today is a much more complex entity.

September 15th 2023
Ross Attrill

  • Company News Europe

    Making it eZ: Energy One welcomes eZ-nergy

    August 6th 2020
    Simon Wheeler

  • NemSight - market information system

    Belgium Company News

    Energy One Belgium Disaster Recovery Exercise of 13/06/2020

    June 18th 2020
    Dries Lamont

  • Europe Market Updates

    One Market Area Germany – 3rd Market Dialog

    November 7th 2019
    Dries Lamont

  • Company News UK

    Contigo Joins Energy One Group

    December 7th 2018
    Simon Wheeler

  • Solutions UK

    Energy One UK simplifies EDL communications with National Grid

    October 26th 2017
    Sunny Tiwana

  • Europe Solutions

    Fuelling your business growth – Supporting day ahead and intraday on EPEX Spot

    June 19th 2017
    Sunny Tiwana

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